Posted: 10:34 am Monday, June 20th, 2016

By Holly

I’m from Cleveland. Ohio. We have a wretched, tragic, heartbreaking history of sports.

Until now.


Last night, LeBron James led the Cavaliers to victory against the Golden State Warriors, bringing the first NBA championship EVER to Cleveland, and the first OVERALL win for a major Cleveland sports team in 52 YEARS. There really aren’t words to describe what this feels like. I’ve tried using the words “buoyant,” “elated,” “giddy,” and “proud” but none seem to really convey the wonder that came with this victory.

My city always begins a sports season hopefully optimistic and ends it discouraged and disappointed. Always. The phrase, “We’ll do it next year!” has always echoed throughout the city.

Last night, it finally became “next year” for Cleveland. After 52 years of “next year,” “next year” arrived. And it was beautiful.

This Nike video from 2014 when LeBron came back to Cleveland gave me chills then, and it’s even more poignant now. Thank you, 2016 Cavaliers. #ALLin216