It’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

It’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day! 

Posted: 11:49 am Friday, June 24th, 2016

By Phoebe

If you are not a dog lover, today truly sucks for you. It’s “Bring Your Dog To Work Day”! I totally agree that there should be limits though. I can’t imagine I’d want to run by Starbucks on the way to work and see a pug just chillin on the counter by the mints.

Miguel from The Miguel Show would totally be okay with dogs running around the radio station today:  “As long as they don’t lick me, I’m excited.”

However, dogs are not allowed at the studio for “BYDTWD”. I get it. We have a lot of people who work in this building and if someone is allergic to dog fur, that would really make their day miserable. That doesn’t make me any less sad though, so I printed out a picture of my dogs to keep in the studio with me.

Hi Ribbie & Piper ❤