Posted: 7:40 am Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Snapchat Adding Memories 

By Holly

“Memories is a new way to save Snaps and Stories on Snapchat. It’s a personal collection of your favorite moments that lives below the Camera screen. Just swipe up from the Camera to open Memories,” Snapchat wrote on its blog Wednesday.

“You can use Memories to create new Stories from Snaps you’ve taken, or even combine different Stories into a longer narrative!” Snapchat continued on the blog. “It’s fun to celebrate an anniversary or birthday by finding a few old Snaps and stringing them together into a new Story.

You can also edit old Snaps saved to Memories by adding emojis, time-stamps or geofilters, even if it was taken long ago in a far away place. But if you post a Snap taken more than 24 hours ago, it will have a special white border around it to indicate that it’s from the past.

So that means if I have a shameless selfie where I think I look good, I can save it for later and pop it up again in case everyone forgot that it existed.

Case in point:

That one time I was glowing

That one time I was glowing

So rejoice and let me know when you get memories!! Snapchat will alert you when you get the feature!