Drake Apologizes | Chase

Drake Apologizes | Chase 

Posted: 2:53 pm Monday, July 18th, 2016

By Chase

DRAKE once wrote his mom a handwritten letter, apologizing for his eBay addiction, because SHE got stuck with the bill.

The letter is apparently from 2006, when Drake was 20.  He wasn’t totally poor at the time . . . he’d been on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” for five years at that point.  But he hadn’t launched his rap career yet.

It said, quote, “I have canceled the ‘Wire Image’ subscription due to my eBay charges coming to more than I had planned for.  Please know that you will [be] reimbursed fully through several methods and means of payment.

“Thanks for temporarily funding my music and wardrobe.  Your business partner, Drake.”  It looks like he also signs it ‘Jimmy,’ which was his character on “Degrassi”.  That’s a little strange.

The caption says, quote, “eBay was the addiction back in 2006.  Definitely come a long way, and it’s safe to say I most likely settled this debt. #IProbablyBoughtSomeEvisuJeans.”  He’s now worth an estimated $85 million.

Speaking of Drake and social media, SIA is trying to get ahold of him.  She tweeted, quote, “Drake, I’m trying to get in touch with you.  I want to do something! Can you DM me?  Thanks!  Your fan, Sia!”