Kim K’s Secret Recording of Taylor and Kanye’s Phone Call

Kim K’s Secret Recording of Taylor and Kanye’s Phone Call 

Posted: 6:05 am Monday, July 18th, 2016

By Holly

Kim Kardashian just tried to bust Taylor Swift. She posted a series of clips on Snapchat where Kanye is on the phone with Taylor talking about the line in “Famous” that mentions her . . . BEFORE it came out.

There’s a clip of Taylor helping Kanye refine the lyric. She also calls it, quote, “very tongue in cheek” . . . and even a compliment. And there are two clips where Taylor says she’ll tell the press she knew about it. There are even several clips where she says how cool it was of him to give her the heads up, and thanks him for doing it. Here’s just one of the many:

Kim posted the ENTIRE Snapchat story on her Instagram, you can see all the parts and pieces HERE.

But Taylor is NOT happy about the videos.  She says she DIDN’T know about the line Kanye added, where he says he, quote, “made that b*tch famous.”  The videos Kim posted don’t show them discussing that.

So Taylor responded last night in a post captioned, “That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.”

Seems like there’s a little shady business happening on BOTH ends, here. And I see you Kim, waiting to release these videos until it most benefited your show. Let’s all just sip our tea and see what else unfolds.