The hot new food of 2016 is…

The hot new food of 2016 is… 

Posted: 7:36 am Monday, August 1st, 2016

By Holly

The Bagel Hole. Also known as a B-Hole, these little babies have been flying off shelves in the Washington D.C. area for a while now and I’m just praying someone whips them up here in Tampa Bay.

The Bagel Hole

The Bagel Hole aka B-Hole

Pretty easy concept. It’s exactly like a donut hole, except with a bagel. And there’s plenty of room for savory fillings like garlic bacon!

More Bagel Holes

More B-Holes

Plus, let’s not forget that you get to call them B-Holes. That alone should make your Monday!

Cinnamon Sugar B-Holes!

Cinnamon Sugar B-Holes!