Can You Rage like Nic Cage?

Can You Rage like Nic Cage? 

Posted: 7:21 am Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

By Holly

In case you haven’t noticed, most Nicholas Cage movies include scenes of him losing his ever-loving mind. I mean, TOTALLY LOSING his SH*T. He’s a master over-actor. This compilation proves it (but contains a lot of swearing, be warned):

After finding this delightful piece, Producer Ryan discovered a website where you can actually try your hand at raging like Nicholas Cage to see how you measure up. As in, you have to turn your laptop’s microphone on and scream into this website so it can tell how full of rage you are. Please believe Ryan and I were screaming like lunatics at 5am in the office and got 6 out of Cage. Wanna try?