Posted: 6:18 am Friday, September 16th, 2016

By Holly

There’s a cute-looking fuzzy caterpillar popping up in trees around Tampa Bay. But this caterpillar is NOT friendly or harmless at all–in fact, it’s the most venomous caterpillar out there.

It’s known as the “puss caterpillar,” or Megalopyge opercularis. One of our Tampa Bay neighbors, Holly Nokes, grabbed this picture of the little demon, whose venom-filled fur causes intense pain for hours that can also include vomiting and seizures. She shared her story with Fox 13 HERE.

And the most delightful part of this news is that they’re known to just FALL OUT OF TREES. What kind of nature-taking-revenge crap is this?! As if the fire ants and Zika mosquitoes weren’t enough. No, now we have to watch out for clumsy balls of fluff whose only goals in life are to cause you as much pain as possible and then eventually turn into some kind of weird moth.

Not cool, bruh.

Btw, if you DO have a run-in with this asshat, place Scotch tape over the affected area and pull it off repeatedly to remove the stinging spines from your skin. Next, apply an ice-pack and then follow a paste of baking soda and water.