Spectacles: Snapchat Sunglasses

Spectacles: Snapchat Sunglasses 

Posted: 6:34 am Monday, September 26th, 2016

By Holly

Sunglasses that can record video and send it to your phone? We really are living in the future. Welcome to Snapchat’s “Spectacles.”

According to Snapchat’s founder Evan Spiegel, Spectacles are a set of $130 sunglasses with an integrated video camera that boasts a 115-degree lens.

But really though...are dudes gonna wear these?

But really though…are dudes gonna wear these?

What you record on your glasses is sent directly to your Memories feature on Snapchat. And the best part of this video is that it’s something called “circular video,” which can be played in portrait or landscape orientation. Check this out:

Mind. Blown.

Here’s the official introduction!