Preschool Teacher Donates Kidney to Student

Preschool Teacher Donates Kidney to Student 

Posted: 7:20 am Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

By Holly

A four-year-old girl in Madison, Wisconsin named Lyla Carreyn was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder about a year ago, and her kidneys started failing. So she’s been on dialysis, and went on the transplant list.  No one in her family was a match, but she needed a new kidney or she’d die.  So things weren’t looking good.

Then about two weeks ago, her mom got called into Lyla’s preschool. They claimed it was to meet a new teacher.  But when she got there, two of Lyla’s teachers sat her down and gave her a box with a note inside. It turned out one of THEM was a match, and the note said she wanted to donate one of HER kidneys.  Her name is Beth Battista. Needless to say, Lyla’s mom Dena was in a state of disbelief, but shared her experience and a video on Facebook: