Posted: 3:18 pm Saturday, October 1st, 2016

The Season Premiere of SNL with musical guest, The Weeknd! 

By Chase

Yes! I’m excited for Saturday Night Live to be back, especially with the election going on right now. SNL is known for their hilarious political skits & I can’t wait to see how they’ll make fun of the last debate. But, I’m also looking forward to see The Weeknd! He’s kickin’ off a new season of SNL tonight (Oct 1) & I’m sure we’ll be seeing him perform his new single with Daft Punk, Starboy, off his 3rd studio album also named ‘Starboy’ coming out November 25th!

Here’s a funny SNL Promo with the Weeknd, Margot Robbie & Keenan Thompson promoting tonight’s show! ENJOY!