Did Denzel Washington Really Choke Aretha Franklin?

Did Denzel Washington Really Choke Aretha Franklin? 

Posted: 8:46 am Monday, October 3rd, 2016

By Miguel Fuller

Y’all…I can’t believe I’m actually typing this out…

Denzel Washington just got arrested for strangling Aretha Franklin.

BUT WAIT…there’s more… A 20-year-old guy in New York City whose name is Denzel Washington (yes, this is real).  And his 52-year-old mother is named Aretha Franklin.  As far as we know, neither of them are related to anyone famous.

But back in January, they got into an argument, and Denzel CHOKED Aretha.  He was in court last week, and took a plea deal for harassment.  So he got probation and has to go to anger management classes.