These 5 Signs Mean You’re Good in Bed

These 5 Signs Mean You’re Good in Bed 

Posted: 8:35 am Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

By Holly

Here are five subtle signs you might be good in bed:

1.  You’re empathetic.  If you pay attention to other people’s feelings and needs in general, you probably do it in bed too.

2.  You’re a good kisser.  Some people are naturally good at it, and some people learn how to be.  But if you’re NOT a good kisser, then you’re probably not great at all the other stuff either.

3.  You’re spontaneous.  It’s a sign you don’t get stuck in the habit of doing the same thing all the time.  Being spontaneous and willing to try new things usually makes you better in bed.

4.  You’re confident.  Most people agree confidence is sexy.  Which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re confident in bed, but it does tend to carry over.

5.  You’re good with animals.  Or more specifically, you’re good at petting them.  Some people get a little too rough with cats and dogs, because they don’t pay attention to what they want.  Meaning they might not pay attention to what YOU want either.