Coast Bike Share Begins Hub Installation

Coast Bike Share Begins Hub Installation 

Posted: 5:40 pm Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

By Chase


The 10 locations are:

  1. Bay Shore Drive & 5th Avenue North
  2. 2nd Ave Northeast at the Cross Bay Ferry Terminal within the Dolphin Parking Lot
  3. 1st Street & 1st Ave South
  4. 1st Street & 5th Avenue South
  5. 2nd Street & 1st Avenue North
  6. 1st Avenue South & 3rd Street
  7. 1st Avenue South & 8th Street
  8. 11th Street North & Central Avenue
  9. Central Avenue & 21st Street
  10. 2nd Street & 6th Avenue South

The program will open the demo system mid-day on November 1!!!

At the beginning of 2017, 300 blue, city-owned Coast Bikes will be launched across 30 stations in the downtown area.

You can learn more at