Why Tampa Wouldn’t Last in the Zombie Apocalypse

Why Tampa Wouldn’t Last in the Zombie Apocalypse 

Posted: 7:44 am Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

By Holly

CareerBuilder.com just ran a study to figure out which cities would be most and least likely to survive during a zombie apocalypse.

"Hi can I eat you now?"

“Hi, can I eat you now?”

The rankings are based on four factors:  Their military population to help fight the zombies, their engineers and construction workers to build structures to contain the virus, their medical research facilities to find a cure, and the size of their food supply.

The 5 cities that would have the best odds during a zombie apocalypse are:  Boston, Kansas City, Missouri, Salt Lake City, Baltimore, and San Diego.

And the 10 cities that would be in the most trouble are:  New York City, Tampa, Los Angeles, Riverside, California, and Miami.