Did Netflix Go Too Far?

Did Netflix Go Too Far? 

Posted: 7:17 am Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

By Holly

Netflix came out of nowhere yesterday with a new show announcement.  It’s called “The OA”, and it hits the site on Friday.  And it looks like they’re going for the same creepy vibe as “Stranger Things”.

It’s about a blind girl who disappears, then reappears seven years later, and she’s able to see.

But how they introduced the show got some people upset.  First they put out vague Tweets that said things like, “Have you seen death,” “Have you seen darkness,” and “Have you seen the light?”

Then they Tweeted a pair of videos where a woman jumps off a bridge.

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of negative responses, including this one:  “Please delete this.  Some of us have actually dealt with suicide in real life and don’t need to be reminded of this.”

But things seemed to die down a little once Netflix posted an actual trailer: