Biggest words of 2016

Biggest words of 2016 

Posted: 11:31 am Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

By Sam

There is no doubt we all had to Google what ‘dabbing‘ was, tried to get into ‘Pokemon Go‘, and screamed “WHERE’S BARB!?!?!?!!?” watching ‘Stranger Things’. Harambe dominated Halloween costumes (and surprisingly some votes for president?) and we can never hold the door for someone without thinking “HODOR….Hodor…!!!” Lemonade was the choice beverage of the year thanks to Bey and girls everyone captioned backside selfies with the peach emoji. We talked of bigly problems and Brexits, and are still wondering why Apple would remove the headphone jack.


These are just a few of the word that made up 2016, see the full list from here!