2017’s Best Cities for Valentine’s Day

2017’s Best Cities for Valentine’s Day 

Posted: 3:38 pm Thursday, February 9th, 2017

By Chase

<> on February 13, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland.

A new study ranked the best cities for Valentine’s Day based on things like how much dinner costs . . . how many flower shops there are . . . and how nice the weather’s supposed to be.

And apparently the place to be is San Francisco.  There’s room to get creative, because there’s a lot of stuff to do.  And the weather should be decent, so you can do stuff outdoors and save money.  Here are the top ten cities for Valentine’s Day . . .

1.  San Francisco.

2.  Scottsdale, Arizona.

3.  Orlando.

4.  Honolulu.

5.  Seattle.

6.  Las Vegas.

7.  Atlanta.

8.  Portland, Oregon.

9.  San Diego.

10.  Denver.  The three biggest cities in the U.S. are all pretty average.  Out of 100 cities, Los Angeles is 36th, Chicago is 42nd, and New York is 49th.

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