Posted: 8:22 am Friday, February 17th, 2017

Things He Does That Make You Think He Likes You…But He Doesn’t 

By Holly

I am 100% an over-thinker. If there is a crazy conclusion to be jumped to, I will leap to it with aplomb.


So you can imagine that when a guy I’m weak in the knees for likes one of my Instagram selfies or texts me a winky face, I start planning which panties I’m going to wear for our first night together.

Thankfully, Elite Daily has come out with a list of 26 things guys do that might make you THINK they’re into you, but they’re not. These things are barely more than the bare minimum and should NOT be confused with actual real feelings. Actions such as liking your Facebook profile picture and holding your hand on the way back to his place. Prepare yourself for some tough love, fellow dreamers. CLICK HERE for the dose of reality you need!