Why is slime making a comeback? WATCH…

Why is slime making a comeback? WATCH… 

Posted: 7:34 am Monday, March 13th, 2017

By Holly

When Producer Ryan informed me slime was making a comeback, I rolled my eyes. REALLY?! So much technology at our fingertips and SLIME is what’s popular right now? But he’s right. Start typing “how to” in Google and “How to make slime” is the FIRST autofill that pops up. I don’t know how this happened, but I know all the teen girls are filling their Instagram accounts with videos of slime. Like this:

Apparently the clicking and popping noises are part off the draw, as the noise is soothing and also gives certain people a “brain tingle”, which I know to be real because I get a brain tingle when I play with the little hair at the back of my neck. So if the clicks and pops of slime tingle your brain, who am I to judge? And honestly, the more I watch videos like these, the more I want to make my own:


Are you a believer yet? Make your own with this recipe:

1 bottle Elmer’s glue (either clear or white)

1 teaspoon Borax powder OR substitute 1/2 cup liquid laundry detergent

1 1/2 cups water (room temperature)

Step 1: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of borax powder into 1 cup of water in a separate bowl. Mix well.

Step 2: Measure out about 1/2 cup of clear glue and mix with 1/2 cup of water until well mixed.

Step 3: Pour glue/water mixture into borax/water mixture.

Step 4: Get your hands in there and mix it up. Voila! Slime time.

Make sure to store your finished slime in an airtight container. If it ever becomes too sticky or goopy to handle, you can carefully add more borax powder to restore consistency. For added texture, mix in glitter, beads, styrofoam beads, or even a small amount of lotion to add a scent to your slime.