Single Parent’s Day

Single Parent’s Day 

Posted: 6:43 am Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

By Holly

Today is “Single Parent’s Day”.  So the brand Angel Soft posted a video where three single parents talk about how tough it is.

Then halfway through, one mom finds out she’s getting a year of free rent, another mom finds out they’re paying for a whole year of preschool, and a single dad finds out they’re covering all his childcare costs for a year.

It gave me ALL the feels. I don’t ever consider myself a true single parent, because my ex-husband is present in our daughter’s life and my mom lives with me to help with daily care. But I do have a taste of what it’s like to do it on your own (and what it’s like to financially support a mother and child on your own) I know it’s tough. Here’s to all you parents out there doing it on your own!