FINALLY: Sinbad’s Shazaam Movie!

FINALLY: Sinbad’s Shazaam Movie! 

Posted: 8:23 am Monday, April 3rd, 2017

By Holly

There are people all over who insist Sinbad once starred in a genie movie called “Shazaam” back in the ’90s.  He didn’t. (If you are one of these people, know that you’re PROBABLY confusing it for the classic (?) 90s movie starring Shaq, “Kazaam”🙂

Shaquille O’Neal in a scene from the film ‘Kazaam’, 1996.

Last September, Sinbad even Tweeted, quote, “Have you noticed no one my age has seen this so-called Sinbad genie movie, only you people who were kids in the ’90s?  The young mind!”

So, for April Fools’ Day, Sinbad made a video with College Humor that features fake footage from what the “Shazaam” movie might have been.  Sinbad joked, quote, “It was my first time directing and the studio pulled [it] from theatrical release. I’d prefer if we all just pretended this never happened.”

Pretty funny, Sinbad. Enjoy what would have been “Shazaam”!