Katy Perry has a Justin Bieber Haircut

Katy Perry has a Justin Bieber Haircut 

Posted: 8:26 am Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

By Holly

For all of the “I took a break so I didn’t go crazy and shave my head or anything” type comments Katy Perry made during her comeback at the Grammys, she basically shaved her head yesterday.

Now, I’m not saying she did it in an out-of-control spiral of desperation, but it does seem a bit odd that she kept putting so much emphasis on not shaving her head, only to then shave her head.

In any case, check out her VERY short new ‘do. I’d say it’s almost Justin Bieber-like! In any case, she’s rocking it and gives zeros effs about what any of us think, which is as it should be.

✨fifth element flow✨

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