Posted: 12:37 pm Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Do You Know What Taylor Swift Hid in the ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ Lyrics? 

By Sam

She’s at it again!! Taylor Swift is always putting secret messages in her lyrics, Instagram posts, music videos, and the Swifties LOVE trying to find them!!

Well since most of us don’t have time to spend hours looking for Taylor’s 4-leaf clovers, the folks at Buzzfeed did it for us AND found this gem!

There’s one line in the song that Taylor repeats over and over and over —> “I just wanna keep calling you name until you come back home”. 3 times in the beginning, 5 times in the middle, 4 times at the end, 1 time at the VERY end. What does that add up to? YOU GUESSED IT! 13. Taylor’s favorite number.

13 has long been an important number to Tay Tay. She’s born Decemeber 13th, sits in the 13th row at awards shows, and even used to write it on her hand before performing!