American Airlines Flight Attendant Suspended

American Airlines Flight Attendant Suspended 

Posted: 7:00 am Monday, April 24th, 2017

By Holly

This happened on an American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Dallas on Friday night.  A woman tried to get on the plane with her two young children in a stroller, but it didn’t fit down the aisle, so a male flight attendant took it away from her.

And somehow, in the process, the guy HIT the woman in the face with the stroller and almost hit her baby.  Not that the airlines have earned the benefit of the doubt, but we have to assume it was an accident.

The woman started crying, someone on the plane started filming, and another passenger jumped in and demanded the flight attendant’s name.  The flight attendant got in his face and they were VERY close to fighting until the pilot broke it up.

American Airlines quickly put out an official apology and said the flight attendant has been suspended while they investigate.