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Is This Woman the Most Attractive Criminal Ever?

  • 6:42 am Thursday, May 25th, 2017 by Holly

Is this woman the hottest criminal out there?

This Bride Marries A Complete Jerk

  • 3:32 pm Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 by Chase

She’s in it for the long haul.

20 Signs You Grew Up In Tampa

  • 7:12 am Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 by Holly

How you know you’re from the Bay!

Fall TV Grid

  • 7:13 am Friday, May 19th, 2017 by Holly

Plot out which shows you’ll check out this fall!


  • 4:25 pm Thursday, May 18th, 2017 by Chase

Emojis with different hair styles and colors could be coming next year. That would include emojis with curly hair, white hair, red hair, and a bald head.

Tampa Bay Hit and Run Involving Child

  • 6:15 am Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 by Holly

A friend of mine shared this chilling video on my Facebook page last night. Apparently the driver of this hit and run has not been caught, so if you have any info, please call Pasco County authorities: 813-631-4020.

Warning: the child who was hit in this video is thankfully ok, but it’s difficult to watch.

The RompHim™ – Would You Wear It?

  • 7:43 am Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 by Miguel Fuller

Okay, Holly thinks this is CRAZY but I am SOOOO down for this. The RompHim is a thing and my body is so ready!

The project was started by ACED Design on Kickstarter. They started with a goal of $10,000 but went wayyyyyy past that on the first day!

So, would you let your guy wear these??? He can join me this summer around Tampa Bay!

Check out more about the ROMPHIM.

Tyler Joseph Surprises Bar with Karaoke Version of Stressed Out

  • 7:33 am Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 by Holly

Tyler Joseph sings karaoke…to his own song!

Reba + Trisha are Phoebe’s Pups of the Week from Humane Society of Pinellas!

  • 10:44 am Friday, May 12th, 2017 by Phoebe

Have space in your heart and on your couch for TWO dogs? Reba and Trisha are Phoebe’s Pups of the Week from Humane Society of Pinellas! They came to HSP from another shelter together. These two are inseparable and provide valuable emotional support for each other. Each are sweet, gentle snuggle bugs who enjoys walks and treats for obedience practice. When you are ready to meet this dynamic duo, an HSP Adoptions Counselor will be happy to spend time with you as you become acquainted with these loving ladies!
Get adoption info at HumaneSocietyofPinellas.Org or call 727-797-7722!

HOT NEW MUSIC from Miley Cyrus “Malibu”! Hear it now…

  • 12:14 pm Thursday, May 11th, 2017 by Phoebe

Miley Cyrus is working on her new album AND will perform this one the Billboard Awards on the 21st!

Welcome back, Miley!