Posted: 8:38 am Monday, May 1st, 2017

Ryan Seacrest to Co-Host with Kelly Ripa on ‘LIVE’ 

By Holly

Well color me shocked! According to CNN, Ryan Seacrest will join “Live” as Kelly Ripa’s co-host, which will DEFINITELY cause new tune-ins.

“Just add another section to my resume. What, it’s 37 pages now? Whatever. I’m Ryan effing Seacrest.”

Ryan has co-hosted “Live” five times as a guest since ABC began the search for Michael Strahan’s replacement one year ago.

I’m hearing he’ll continue his radio show from NYC, where he’ll have to move to join “Live”.

That is a busy ass man. Does he sleep? Or is Ryan Seacrest actually an AI robot…? I’m not fully convinced he’s not.