Another Razor Blade Found on a Walmart Shopping Cart Handle

Another Razor Blade Found on a Walmart Shopping Cart Handle 

Posted: 1:45 pm Monday, July 10th, 2017

By Danny Serrano

For the second time in a few days, a shopping cart at Walmart in Missouri was found with a razor blade hidden under the handlebar. I’m praying this trend doesn’t make it’s way to the Tampa Bay Bay Area

Authorities right now believe that the person behind it might just be a shoplifter who has used the blades to cut off tags or open packages before leaving the razor behind.

Last Sunday, a woman was cut by a razor blade as she sanitized a cart handlebar with a wipe.

The store released a statement: “It’s disturbing that someone might try to injure a customer or associate, and we’re grateful no one was seriously hurt. We’ve checked all shopping carts and are currently conducting regular checks. We’ve also reviewed surveillance footage and will continue working with police to find the person responsible.”

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