Does Your Partner Have These Apps? If So, They Might Be Cheating

Does Your Partner Have These Apps? If So, They Might Be Cheating 

Posted: 7:46 am Monday, July 31st, 2017

By Holly

These apps were created to help people be shady with their phones. Here are a few we talked about on the air, but you can get the whole list courtesy of Viral Thread HERE!

1. Private Photo
The icon for this app looks like a calculator, but when you open it, it will prompt you to enter a password. If you get the password correct, it will reveal a secret photo library. So how do you differentiate this from a normal calculator app that may innocently be on your partner’s phone? Look for a percentage symbol in the bottom right corner where a division sign would normally be… if you see that, then you know something’s up.

2. Tiger Texts
This app lets users hide their texts by setting a time limit on them (in a similar fashion to Snapchat). The messages sent can not be saved, copied, or forwarded, so it’s the perfect platform for someone to send things they never want to be found.

3. Nosy Trap
Nosy Trap turns the tables and helps the cheaters catch the snoopers. Users enable the app whenever they leave their phone unattended, and it will use the front-facing camera to take a photo of whoever is trying to snoop. It does this by displaying a fake iPhone background that looks completely normal, but if an incorrect passcode is entered, the camera starts rolling.