(RUMOR)… Beyonce to Voice Nala & Produce Soundtrack for “The Lion King”

(RUMOR)… Beyonce to Voice Nala & Produce Soundtrack for “The Lion King” 

Posted: 4:55 pm Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

By Danny Serrano

The Beyhive team, a big Beyonce fan account that has leaked exclusives before, is saying that Beyonce is finalizing a $25 million deal with Disney for their live action “Lion King” remake

She is supposed to voice Nala and produce and sing for the “Lion King” soundtrack.

She’s supposed to do full promotion including interviews despite not having done interviews in years.

She will also have to make music videos, have a physical release, and release the soundtrack to all streaming platforms.

The soundtrack is supposed to feature songs that are “African and tribal inspired” and classic “Lion King” songs

Grab more info here.