Justin Bieber’s Visit To An E.R. Sparks Lawsuit

Justin Bieber’s Visit To An E.R. Sparks Lawsuit 

Posted: 10:11 pm Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

By Danny Serrano

Back in May, Justin Bieber made an emergency visit to Northwell Health hospital on Long Island to have his privates examined after he thought a soccer injury might have left one of his testicles twisted.

Hospital employee, Kelly Lombardo, has been fired for being an “immoral employee.” She allegedly accessed Bieber’s medical files, after hearing false rumors that he was admitted for an STD instead of a testicle injury.

Her attorney said, “My client never accessed Mr. Bieber’s medical file. She was falsely accused of doing so on account of her gender.” The lawyer said Lombardo was told by several colleagues that Bieber was admitted to the hospital under an alias for a sexually transmitted disease, but he claims that Lombardo took no action.

She says she was later dragged into a meeting with hospital execs who accused her of accessing Bieber’s online records, and said, “You are a young female. You’re not curious about what he was doing in the ER?”She was then fired.

The ‘young female’ has now filed a wrongful-termination claim with the New York Division of Human Rights, and claims that she was fired for being a woman.