A Tampa Restaurant’s Ban on Children Has People Fired Up

A Tampa Restaurant’s Ban on Children Has People Fired Up 

Posted: 10:33 pm Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

By Danny Serrano

At Hampton Station, a neighborhood pizza joint on North Nebraska Ave in Tampa, dogs are welcome to hang out with their owners on the patio. Kids, however, are no longer allowed anywhere on the premises.

NO CHILDREN. All caps. The biggest font, at the top of the door. All after gladly accepting money from families for two years. Rude,” one Yelper wrote of the establishment’s new rule.

“It’s been hard,” Hampton Station owner says. His restaurant has been open for almost 3 years and has a lot of great families as customers. He doesn’t have a problem with them. The problem, he says, is “having adults come in and drinking and letting the kids just run around. The majority of the families and parents are great. [They] have some food, a beer or two — it’s a few that ruined it. From a liability standpoint, we couldn’t really handle it.”

Though he wouldn’t divulge the exact instance that led to the establishment of the rule he did say that “it was basically an issue of children endangering themselves.

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