The Main Personality Difference Between Dog People And Cat People

The Main Personality Difference Between Dog People And Cat People 

Posted: 9:57 pm Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

By Danny Serrano

Thanks to researchers who analyzed the Facebook profiles of both camps, we now know that cat lovers actually get invited to more social gatherings, possibly as a result of their smaller friend groups.

Also, cat people actually tend to hang out more with other cat people. According to the findings, yes, they really do. People who adore those little pink feet and noses are more inclined to hang out and befriend people who also love little kitties, too.

Dog people, it does seem, are more willing to befriend others outside of their dog-loving circle, which means that it’s kind of looking like they might actually lie in the more “gregarious” category than cat people.

According to Facebook, about 30 percent of cat owners are single, compared to around 24 percent of dog owners. Another interesting find was that cat lovers lean more toward the fantasy/sci-fi categories of entertainment, while dog people going barking mad for romance and love. Dog people love a good tear-jerker about family, while cat people enjoy watching a team of men exploring space.

Another unique find? Kitty people flock to cities, whereas dog people are found more often in rural and suburban areas. But the researchers agreed that there’s a strong mix of both types all over, and it’s hard to determine where one pet-loving area ends and the other begins.


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