Woman Wins $10,000 Jackpot, Has It Stolen In Casino Parking Lot

Woman Wins $10,000 Jackpot, Has It Stolen In Casino Parking Lot 

Posted: 10:00 pm Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

By Danny Serrano

It’s hard to believe that one person could have such good luck at the same time have bad luck in a matter of minutes.

A Nevada woman says her $10,000 jackpot was ripped out of her hands by a thief in a casino parking lot.

The man ran out from behind a vehicle and grabbed the woman’s purse while she was walking to her car around midnight on Wednesday.

The police found the man in a hotel parking lot and he admitted the stolen cash was under his driver’s seat. He’s been charged with felony theft.

The police said they have recovered most of the woman’s winnings.