DOGS: They DON’T Want To Be Tickled When They Roll Over

DOGS: They DON’T Want To Be Tickled When They Roll Over 

Posted: 1:28 pm Friday, April 6th, 2018

By Danny Serrano

An animal expert says we are getting a few things wrong when it comes to our pets, like rubbing a dog’s tummy when it rolls over, yelling at a dog for barking and telling a cat not to scratch the sofa. 

I found these tips on The Daily Mail’s site. When a dog rolls over and exposes its tummy, it is a sign of trust, but not an invitation to touch the tummy.  Dogs have learned to tolerate the tummy rubs because it seems to make the humans happy.

Shouting at a dog that is barking makes the dog think the human is also excited and may make the barking carry on longer, so the better option is ignore a barking dog.

And to get a cat to stop scratching the sofa, put a scratching post in the same spot to divert its attention.