Calvin Harris Involved In Car Crash

Calvin Harris Involved In Car Crash 

Posted: 1:10 pm Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

By Danny Serrano

Calvin Harris and his girlfriend, Aarika Wolf, crashed into another car over the weekend and it left a couple of ladies injured.

Eyewitnesses say Calvin’s girlfriend was behind the wheel of a Range Rover on a residential street Sunday in Beverly Hills behind a Honda with 2 girls in it. The Honda driver started to turn left into a driveway and Calvin’s girlfriend didn’t slow down and hit the left side of the Honda, making it spin out and setting off the air bags. Cops were called and insurance information was exchanged.

Both cars ended up getting towed and the girls are now experiencing pain and plan on filing a police report.

A source close to Calvin is disputing how the accident went down and said the Honda was pulled over at the side of the road and appeared to be stopped. Our source says without warning, the Honda pulled into the lane Calvin was traveling in and struck the Range Rover. The source claims it was the other vehicle’s fault not Calvin’s girlfriend.


Photo Credit: TMZ

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