Avicii’s Girlfriend Targeted By Trolls Who Blame Her For His Death

Avicii’s Girlfriend Targeted By Trolls Who Blame Her For His Death 

Posted: 1:45 pm Friday, May 11th, 2018

By Danny Serrano

Avicii’s girlfriend is being attacked by trolls who blame her for his death.

In a lengthy statement posted to Instagram the girlfriend said that she has been bombarded with awufl messages.

They say she drove the star to his death, forcing him to play shows and driving him to the edge.

She has since deleted the post, but part of it said, “Dear hate-filled hearts (and a few legitimate sociopaths). Recently someone very close to me died. There is so much I would have liked to say to him but I’ll never get to speak to him again. So I wrote him a letter. So when the media distastefully started speculating about details of his death, I released this letter. Those of you who went to such lengths as emailing my baby daddy, best friends and co-star insults about me and expected them to get on board… please. Seek professional help. I wouldn’t wish this upon any of you and I pity you because someone must have really hurt you for you to be this cruel. Wishing you find peace within your broken souls one day.”


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