Ariana Grande Celebrates Her Birthday In NYC

Ariana Grande Celebrates Her Birthday In NYC 

Posted: 3:40 pm Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

By Chase

Ariana Grande celebrated her 25th birthday last night in New York City. She had a party with family and friends, and they all documented the many things that went down!

Check it out!

And of course, like every birthday party should be…LOTS OF DANCING!

Ariana & Pete grabbed mics and brought the nostalgia with duet of Evanescence‘s mega 2003 hit “Bring Me to Life,” with Grande singing Amy Lee‘s parts, naturally, and Davidson rapping the lines performed by 12 Stones‘ Paul McCoy.

Her brother Frankie wrote a heartfelt message to his baby sister on his Instagram. Look at her go! lol

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@arianagrande, 25 years ago today i was with my Nonna and Grandpa in their Florida apartment when we got the news that my mother was in labor and that soon she would be giving birth to my little sister. i remember sitting in the back seat with nonna while grandpa drove us to the hospital… i was filled with excitement and anticipation to welcome our newest addition to the family. we pulled up and i recall jumping out before my grandparents and sprinting into the hospital. i ran up to a nurse and said, “i would like to see my little sister, her name is Ariana.” and the nurse replied, “she just came in” and there, being rolled past me at that very moment as if by fate, was my beautiful little sister. she was right there. i remember seeing her for the first time and promising that i would love her every day for the rest of my life. it has been 25 years to the day and that promise has held true. Ariana, you are my best friend, biggest supporter, and greatest little sister a big brother could ever ask for. thank you for being you & happy happy birthday. can’t wait for the next 25 years and many many more… ~your brother

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And last, but certainly not least, her boo, Pete Davidson wrote not one, but two heartfelt Instagram posts for his girl.