Twitter Purge

Twitter Purge 

Posted: 2:37 pm Friday, July 13th, 2018

By Chase

Twitter started purging FAKE accounts yesterday, meaning that celebrities saw their follower counts drop . . . in many cases by MILLIONS.

The good news for KATY PERRY is that she’s still the most followed person on Twitter.  She lost 1.5 million as of yesterday afternoon, but that was only a drop of 1.4%.  She still had 108.1 million.

Ironically, Twitter itself took the biggest hit, with the company’s @Twitter account losing over 7.5 million followers.  The account’s total remaining followers as of last night was 55.1 million.

PRESIDENT TRUMP had only lost about 300,000 from @realDonaldTrump, bringing his total down to 53.1 million.

BARACK OBAMAELLEN DEGENERES, and TAYLOR SWIFT lost around 2 million followers each.  And JUSTIN BIEBER and LADY GAGA lost about 1.5 million.

As Twitter continues THE PURGE, these numbers could drop even more.