Cardi B’s Career Over?

Cardi B’s Career Over? 

Posted: 4:48 pm Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

By Chase

A career ending blow for Cardi B? Not according to Cardi B. Just in case you’re not sure what happened, watch…

“After the altercation that happened in Fashion Week, a lot of people want to be like, ‘Cardi is canceled.’  That’s not true,” according to Cardi.  “I actually got a lot of offers from a lot of fashion people that y’all will slowly but surely, slowly but surely — don’t forget — will see.”

Cardi also says she heard that a couple of stars, including Rihanna, unfollowed her on social media following the Fashion Week dust-up.  The two-time BET Award winner set the record straight.

“A lot of people was doing rumors of that a couple of celebrities they unfollowed me and that was not even true. Those celebrities wasn’t even following me,” Cardi insisted.  “Why can’t y’all stop making rumors trying to make me look like l’m just over and everything? When my time is over, ya’ll will see when my time is over.”