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Are we really freaking out, Buzzfeed?

  • 12:00 pm Friday, August 18th, 2017 by Holly

I know a ton of websites use hyperbolic language to get us to click. Have I even been guilty of using that tactic for web clicks here at Hot 101.5? Yes. Guilty as charged.

However, this one is too much. When I saw this Buzzfeed tweet I rolled my eyes and called their bluff:

Are we really “freaking the f*ck out”?? No, no we’re not. So you found a girl who slightly resembles Selena Gomez. Cool. Not only am I NOT freaking the fuck out, I don’t even think that girl LOOKS that much like Selena Gomez!

Normally I love me some Buzzfeed, [More]

Unlimited trips to the movie theater for $9.95 a month

  • 6:37 am Thursday, August 17th, 2017 by Holly

It seems too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not!

A company called MoviePass has dropped their monthly subscription price to $9.95 a month. With this subscription, you can get in to one showing every day at any theater in the U.S. that accepts debit cards.

MoviePass will pay theaters the full price of each ticket used by subscribers, excluding 3D or Imax screens.

CLICK HERE for more details about how it works (because it seems too good to be true, right?? Well there are ways the company makes money.)

To get yourself a MoviePass, CLICK HERE!

Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge

  • 7:08 am Thursday, August 10th, 2017 by Holly

Trust me, you’re not ready for the heart-shaped boob challenge.

Tell Us What You Think About Us – Anonymously

  • 7:43 am Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 by Holly

There’s a new website that allows people to say ANYTHING about you – totally anonymously. It’s kind of like the FormSpring “Ask Me Anything” website from back in the day.

We’re game! Tell Miguel, Holly, and Producer Ryan anything. Ask them any questions, leave them any comments, we’ll never know who sent them.

We’ll read the best ones on the air tomorrow (Thursday, 8/10 at 8:25a)

Click Here: 

Boob Towel

  • 6:47 am Monday, August 7th, 2017 by Holly

Would you use the Ta-Ta Towel?

Chicken Nugget Battery

  • 6:14 am Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 by Holly

A 20-year-old woman named Asia Jimenez from Bradenton, Florida was feeding her one-year-old son on Saturday and eating some chicken nuggets.  And her brother walked up and grabbed a few off her plate.

That made her really angry, so she started THROWING the nuggets at her brother.

He wasn’t hurt, but the cops came and Asia was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery.

Personally, I think she was in the right here. It’s hard enough to feed a kid and feed yourself at the same time, you don’t need some interloper coming in and grabbing your nuggets. And how much harm could a flying [More]

Does Your Partner Have These Apps? If So, They Might Be Cheating

  • 7:46 am Monday, July 31st, 2017 by Holly

If your partner has any of these apps, they might be cheating

What Color Is This Outfit?

  • 5:46 am Friday, July 7th, 2017 by Holly

Hold onto your pants…we have another clothing debate online.

PREVIEW: Horror Film Based on St. Pete Urban Legend

  • 6:48 am Thursday, June 29th, 2017 by Holly

Check out the trailer for “Mini Lights,” based on a St. Pete urban legend!


  • 7:46 am Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 by Holly

Now through July 2nd, you can get an EXTRA boost in the afternoon at Starbucks.

Participating Starbucks locations will allow those who purchase a grande iced espresso from 2 to 5 p.m. a chance to get a complimentary second iced espresso beverage of equal or lesser value.


CLICK HERE for details and to get some new ideas!