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Tyler Joseph Surprises Bar with Karaoke Version of Stressed Out

  • 7:33 am Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 by Holly

Tyler Joseph sings karaoke…to his own song!

Flirting with Twenty One Pilots in Tampa

  • 6:54 am Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 by Holly

Find out what Holly brought the guys of Twenty One Pilots!

VIDEO: 21 Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Attacked by Fans

  • 7:48 am Monday, August 29th, 2016 by Holly

Can we all agree these fans should be banned from future shows?!

Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots was attacked by fans Friday during a show as he attempted to crowd surf. Other fans (the ones that weren’t at the show ripping his clothing to shreds and assaulting him), have shared their disbelief.

When Tyler finally emerges from the crowd, he appears terrified and battered, with shoes missing and his shirt torn to pieces. See for yourself:

I’m pretty sure we can all agree to NOT do this when they perform in Tampa Bay in February, right?